NYC Group Wins NYW Cadet Competition
By 1st Lt. James A. Ridley, Sr., PAO

Stewart ANG Base, Newburgh, NY – March 24, 2007.   In one of the closest NYW Cadet Competitions in recent years, Color Guard teams from Long Island, New York City and South Eastern Groups battled for the right to represent the NY Wing at next month’s Northeast Regional Competition.  While any of the teams would have represented the wing well, only one can earn championship honors and this year those honors were earned by the NYC Group Color Guard Team.

The competition was actually held a week later than originally scheduled because of a severe winter storm that hit the area eight days before.  The day began with a welcome by the Wing Cadet Programs Officer, Major Stephen Samuels followed by a briefing by the judges and then of course the events themselves.  It concluded with an award ceremony which featured a visit from the NY Wing Commander, Col. Andreu who congratulated the participants.

Team Awards:
Inspection:  NYC Group
Standard Drill:  NYC Group
Outdoor Practical:  LI Group
Indoor Practical:  LI Group
Panel Quiz:  SE Group
Written Exam:  NYC Group
Mile Run:  NYC Group

Individual Awards:
C/TSgt Erick Gomez, SE Group
Male Fleet Foot:  C/CMSgt Kenneth Bobby, NYC Group
Female Fleet Foot: C/TSgt Heather West, LI Group
Outstanding Cadet: C/TSgt Austin Rivera, SE Group
Spirit Award:  LI Group

The NYW Champions will compete against teams from the other North East Regional winners next month for the right to represent the region at the national competition.