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Drug Demand Reduction

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Drug Demand Reduction

Ever changing drug patterns, the continuing transmission of HIV infection among drug abusers and the need to develop new and effective treatment & prevention interventions underscore the importance of Civil Air Patrol's Drug Demand Reduction education and training.  Civil Air Patrol's goal is to be a leading force in America’s drug demand reduction strategy through the development of tomorrow’s leaders in volunteer community service for a drug-free world.

Programs like Model Rocketry and Color Guard and the annual Wing Encampment offer our members fun and exciting ways to develop their minds and personalities in a way that will benefit them when they become adults.  Our program:

  • Promotes Civil Air Patrol as a positive community service lifestyle.
  • Encourages youth to remain in school.
  • Focuses on drug abuse education, prevention and awareness.
  • Provides positive activities as an alternative to drugs and gang violence.
Civil Air Patrol is the ANTI-DRUG!!!


1Lt. Dianne Collazo
Drug Demand Reduction Officer