Col. Francis S. Gabreski Squadron 

Model Rocketry

Model Rocketry Course:

      Stage 1: Redstone
      Stage 2: Titan
      Stage 3: Saturn

Rocketry Program Regulations


Civil Air Patrol's Model Rocketry program is an achievement program for cadets interested in the science, technology, and flight of model rockets.

The guide (pictured left) builds on the foundation of Aerospace Dimensions, Module 4: "Rockets," to introduce cadets to the hobby and science of model rocketry. 

The guide begins with simple alternative-power models and progressively challenges cadets with more advanced models. 

Cadets who complete the written and performance requirements for each of the three stages described in this text, as certified by their unit commander, will be awarded the Cadet Model Rocketry Badge (seen below)

c/2Lt Kevin Krause
Model Rocketry Officer