Col. Francis S.Gabreski Squadron 
Weekly Training Schedule 
August 2008
Date/Time Personnel Activity Location Trainers Uniform
Wed 5 August               
1900-1915 SQDN First Formation Armory Maj Fenech Blues
1915-2000 SQDN Achievement Testing Classroom Maj Poggioli Blues
2000-2100 SQDN Special Presentation Classroom LIMM Staff Blues
2115-2130 All Cadets Closing Formation Armory Maj Fenech Blues
Wed 12 August                
1900-1915 SQDN First Formation  Armory SQDN & CADET CMD BDU
1915-1945 SQDN Safety Class Classroom C/Capt Reynolds BDU
1945-2045 All Cadets Leadership Lab Classroom C/Maj Ozylimaz BDU
2045-2115 SQDN Flight Time Classroom Flight Staff BDU
2115-2130 SQDN Closing Formation Armory Maj Fenech BDU
Sat 15 August   
1230-1330 ALL Personnel Opening of CAP Museum Display W.Sayville Maj Fenech Blues
Wed 19 August               
1800-1900 SQDN PT Armory SQDN & CADET CMD PT
1900-2000 All Cadets Drug Demand Reduction Classroom TFO Medina PT
2000-2110 SQDN Chain of Command Classroom C/Capt Mihalik PT
2110-2130 SQDN Closing Formation Armory Maj Fenech PT
Wed 26 August                



First Formation - Award Ceremony

Maj  Lou Fenech
BKHVN Supervisor. Mark Lesko

1930-2000 All Cadets Moral Leadership Classroom Capt Ryan Blues
2000-2030 All Cadets Moral Leadership Classroom C/2Lt Carissa Lackey Blues
2030-2100 All Cadets Aerospace Education Armory 2Lt Woytowitz-c/LtCol Ridley Blues
2100-2130 SQDN Promotions & Closing Formation Armory Maj  Lou Fenech Blues
Sat-Sun 29-30 August   
0930-1830 Both days ALL Personnel  LIMM Seafood Festival & Craft Fair W.Sayville Maj Lou Fenech BDU