Col. Francis S.Gabreski Squadron 
Weekly Training Schedule 
December 2011
Date/Time Personnel             Activity Location Trainers Uniform
Tuesday Dec 6
1900-1920 SQDRN First Formation Lobby LtCol Fenech BDU
1920-1940 SQDRN Safety Class Classroom 2 Capt Woytowitz BDU
1940-2000 SQDRN SQTR'S Classroom 2 C/Capt Duffy  BDU
2000-2010 SQDRN Break Time Hallway Staff BDU
2000-2010 Color Grd Color Guard Briefing Classroom 1 LtCol Fenech BDU
2010-2030 SQDRN Leadership Laboratory Classroom 2 C/CMSgt Durango BDU
2030-2050 SQDRN Event Comms Practice Classroom 2 C/2Lt Woytowitz N BDU
2050-2110 SQDRN Drill And Ceremonies  Gym Staff BDU
2050-2110 Color Grd. Color Guard Practice Gym LtCol Fenech BDU
2120-2130 SQDRN Closing Formation Lobby LtCol Fenech BDU
Tuesday Dec 13
No Meeting
Wednesday Dec 14
1900-1915 SQDRN Opening Formation Cafeteria LtCol Fenech
1930-2100 SQDRN Promotions and Change of Command Cafeteria  Maj Gibbs Blues
2110-2130 SQDRN Holiday Party Cafeteria Capt Woytowitz Blues
2110-2130 SQDRN Clean-up and Dismissal Cafeteria Capt Woytowitz Blues
Tuesday Dec 15th 2011
No Meeting Happy Holidays
Tuesday Dec 22th 2011
No Meeting Happy Holidays