The "Stick & Rudder"
The Gabreski Squadron 
Moral Leadership Newsletter

May 2008 

        As you young men and women grow into adulthood you must be careful in the choices that you make. Your choices affect you, your family, close friends and many others in your life. 

        As a society we are all on this planet earth together. Whatever happens to one group will eventually affect the others. We belong to a global community.  Try to think of that as you live your lives on a daily basis.

        However, more importantly, we should also remember to listen to the hidden person of the heart also known as your conscience.  It is our inner character that determines who weíll be. 

         Itís not what you do but who you are thatís most important. What matters the most is whatís on the inside, and not what the world feeds you from the outside. 

         Understand this and you can start improving the world, one person at a time.

                                                                                Capt. Paul Ryan