The "Stick & Rudder"
The Gabreski Squadron 
Moral Leadership Newsletter

September 2007 

         The role of the Moral Leadership Officer is to work with the Wing Chaplain and Squadron Commander to help you become moral members of CAP and your community.  These monthly newsletters are something new for me and my assistant c/CMSgt Lackey.  We hope to bring you topics to think about, topics to help you become “Moral Leaders” in your Squadron and at home.

          Guiding you in developing good moral character and good leadership qualities is very important to Civil Air Patrol.  Civil Air Patrol is a unique organization when it comes to the youth of this country.  No other organization offers the Moral Leadership training that you get at CAP.  But what does "Moral Leadership" really mean?

  • Moral: This is knowing between right and wrong; displaying proper conduct; making honorable choices; doing your job in a just and fair way and always being trustworthy.
  • Leadership: This is the ability to direct, manage, lead, guide and command in a way that shows self–assurance and self-reliance. 
          These traits of a good leader are important to you in your every-day life whether it be school, sports, or a part-time job.  Doing what you are supposed to do in the way you are supposed to do it makes you a trust-worthy person.  You are the future of this country.  Regardless of what good honest career you follow, good moral leadership qualities are what you will need to succeed. 

          Every day you can find examples of poor moral conduct.  A lot of your peers have no direction, discipline, respect or love for their fellow human being. Good role models are very few. We strive to teach you these things so that you can become these role models.

          In May a large number of CAP members traveled to McGuire AFB for the NJ Air Show.  On the Saturday morning there were around 1000 cadets in formation - all volunteers who heeded the call for help. It was a thrilling sight, but got almost no press coverage.  It seems that the media rarely reports on any positive images of young adults. It seems that they always show the negatives, but we know who we are and what’s inside of us. God has given all of us the ability to choose between right and wrong. Our choice makes a lot of difference in our lives and of those around us.

          Our squadron just had a Cadet Change of Command ceremony with awards and promotions. Some of you became Element leaders for the first time.  With those promotions came added responsibilities.  Always demonstrate good leadership, be firm and raise the standard.  Do not be afraid to correct your subordinates, especially with their appearance.  Remember, that the way you wear the uniform shows your pride in the squadron.  Learn to separate friendship from duty during CAP activities. True friends will understand this and not be upset.  It’s also a learning tool for them.

          Please feel free to submit topics relating to Moral Leadership to myself or Cadet Lackey.  We hope that you understand the value of this part of the CAP Program and will become a vocal participant.

                                                                                 Capt. Paul Ryan