Col. Francis S. Gabreski Squadron
Cadet Orientation Flight
Filmed by Teen Kids News Crew
Cadet Carissa Lackey
Cadet James Ridley
Cadet Heather West
Cadets pose with Teen Kids News Staff
Cadet Lackey & Capt. Hillard
Cadet Zerafa on Flight Line
Cadets Martin & Ridley
     A Cadet Orientation flight is always a thrill, but on November 5, 2006 it was a media event for a group of cadets from the Col. Francis S. Gabreski Squadron.  Teen Kids News, a nationally televised news program produced for youth ages 12-16 sent a producer/reporter and cameraman to Long Island Group Headquarters at Islip MacArthur Airport to do a film the squadron’s Cadet Orientation Flights.

     Producer/Reporter Alan Weiss and his cameraman Sean Wilk spent the morning interviewing cadets and seniors on their experiences.  Mr. Weiss then took to the back seat of the aircraft while 1st Lt Nathan Hillard, Gabreski Squadron’s chief pilot, flew C/SSgt Carissa Lackey on her orientation flight.  Back on the ground, Cadet Lackey was interviewed about the experience.  The news crew then filmed cadets during their pre-flight briefing given by C/Capt Jim Ridley II and also while they were communicating with the aircraft from the LIG’s communications room. 

     Mr. Weiss was also able to interview several other cadets and officers from the squadron on a variety of subjects.  The cadets were asked their name and rank, why they joined CAP, what challenges they have faced and what would they like to do in the future.  A male and a female cadet were asked the question “who makes better pilots, men or women?” Of course each answered that their own gender makes the best pilot!  One of the best answers to the question, “What do you like most about CAP?” came from C/TSgt Heather West, who replied, “my squadron is like my second family.” 

     The clip above was produced by the Teen Kids News Program and aired in the New York area on April 22 on WNYW Fox TV channel 5.