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Welcome new members!  You are about to take the first step toward becoming a certified ground

team member, aircrew, or mission base staff.  This page is intended as a guide to help you through the process of getting your first 101 form.  This training is a requirement in order to be promoted to C/A1C

in this squadron.  Upon completion of this training, you may begin specialty training.


Step 1:  Cadets must complete the Curry Achievement, and Officers must complete Level 1 training.


Step 2:  Participate in a GES (General Emergency Services) class, or complete the self-study.


Step 3:  Successfully complete the CAPT 116 General Emergency Services Questionaire.

The test can be found here.


Step 4:  Fill out a CAP Form (CAPF) 100 to request your first 101 card.  An example can be found here.

A blank CAPF 100 can be found under the quick references tab to the left.


Step 5:  Print and sign TWO copies of the CAPF 100.  You may either scan and email a signed copy to

the ES officer, or hand it in at a meeting. 


Note:  Scanned copies must be in PDF format, and will be processed faster than hand copies.


Processing may take several weeks, so allow plenty of time.



Once you have your GES 101, you may request specialty training.  Click on the Ground Team, Aircrew, or Mission Base links on the left to find out more.

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