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Welcome to the Emergency Services homepage for the Gabreski Squadron. 
It is intended to be used as a reference and tool for squadron members. 

New Members! - Please follow the "General Emergency Services" link to get started.


Over the past week I have received many requests for SQTR's and 101 cards.  I would first like to applaud your enthusiasm.  Your desire to advance your training and participate in SAR activities is essential to our squadron's success.  However, this is a large organization and we do have some procedures to follow.  My goal here is not to discourage you from training, but rather to inform you of the process and our requirements.  Working your way up through the ES Specialties does not need to take forever, but neither will it happen overnight. 

Ok, on to some specifics.  Below I am going to outline the current process of training and the required paperwork that must accompany that training.  I would like everyone to read all of this email, even if a particular section doesn't currently apply to you.  It is all essential information and I expect the cadet and officer leadership to thoroughly understand and help implement these procedures.

To obtain your first 101 card (General Emergency Services)

This process has now been greatly improved and is very efficient.  Before you begin you must have your CAPID, be familiar with and the eServices website, and have completed the Curry achievement (Cadets) or Level 1 (Officers). 

1.  Log on to and click on the "CAP online exams" link on the left.
2.  Go to the CAPT 116 pt 2 link, which will redirect you to the online test website.
3.  Choose the CAPT 116 parts 1 and 2, and follow the instruction to take the test. 

Note: Have another window open with the CAP Regulations & Manuals for reference.

4.  Once you have passed both parts, please send an email to me ( just so I can verify and approve the completed test.
5.  Once I have validated the test you can log back into eServices and print your 101 card.

Important note: You must have entered your Physical Data (height, weight, etc...),Contact Information, and Emergency Notification data or the 101 card will show VOID

For those of you that have already gotten your GES card, please go online ASAP and update / verify this data.  It is required information.

To obtain NEW SQTR's for advanced training

Congratulations on completing the GES training!  You are now ready to begin training in ES Specialties.  All specialties are available to officers, cadets can train for the following specialties:

FLM - Flight Line Marshaller
GES - General Emergency Services
GTM - Ground Team Member (3 levels)
MS - Mission Scanner (Age requirement)
MRO - Mission Radio Operator
MSA - Mission Staff Assistant
UDF - Urban Direction Finding Team

1.  Please first look at the SQTR and verify that you meet the Prerequisite requirements.  All SQTR's can be found here.

2.  If you meet the prerequisite requirements, you can then request to be issued a SQTR (Specialty Qualification Training Record) in order to begin training in that specialty.  Just email your request to me at  I will then email you a PDF copy of your SQTR.  DO NOT LOSE IT.

3.  You are only allowed to train for up to 3 specialties at one time.  Please do not request to train for more than 3 before completing one you already have.

4.  Once you get issued a SQTR, your first order of business is to complete the "Familiarization and Preparatory" training portion.  This includes all the basic knowledge required before you begin your field training. 

Note:  Currently you may ask any of the Ground Team Leader's in the squadron 
to assist you in completing this section.  

We are working on a program that would allow cadets to sign of on some of the tasks for GTM.  If you are a cadet interested in becoming a trainer, please send me an email so I can compile a list.

5.  Once you complete all of the "Familiarization and Preparatory" training listed on the SQTR, you may then start your field training.  Some of the field training can be accomplished at local SAREX's (Search and Rescue Exercises), and others you will have to find a trainer and complete the task one-on-one.  We do periodically offer training classes, I encourage all of you to participate when they occur.  This is the easiest way to get signed of on your SQTR tasks.

6.  During the course or your advanced training, you will need to participate in two actual or practice mission sorties.  You must get signed off by your supervisor while at the mission in order to get credit for it.  You may use one mission to satisfy the requirement if you participate on two different days.

7.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Once I issue you your SQTR, it is your responsibility to keep track of it and make sure you get signed off for each task you complete.  The "Familiarization and Preparatory" section MUST be completed before you begin "Advanced Training", however the missions and tasks within each section can be completed in any order. 


8.  Once your SQTR is completely filled out, please scan it as an electronic document and email it to me here.  If don't have access to a scanner bring it to the armory and submit it to me or Capt. Dorfman by hand. 

Note:  We will soon be getting a scanner at the armory so that you can scan in documents there if you can't at home.  Please be patient as we continually try to improve this process.

9.  After I review and approve the completed SQTR, I will complete the required items online and send it up the chain for further approval.  FYI:  Every Specialty after the GES qualification requires WING level approval.  This is not the most expedient process, so please be patient.  However, if you notice that you paperwork is being slowed locally, bring that to my attention so I can fix the problem.

10.  Once Wing approves the achievement, you can go online and print out your new 101 card.  This is the only way to know when you have been approved.  There will be NO other notification except for the specialty showing up on your online 101 card.  So check it often.

Capt. Nathan Hillard
Emergency Services Officer

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